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Author Topic: UCR now supports virtualization of multiple X360 controllers for 2 player play.  (Read 776 times)

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Universal Control Remapper (UCR) now supports the virtualization of multiple Xbox 360 controllers from a single HID. This solution does not require the use of X360ce so this may serve as a replacement as I know results in the community have been hit or miss using this approach.

I recently discovered this solution through a French forum and it worked perfectly for me. I don't even speak French, I had to use Google translate, so yeah I was on a deep dive desperate for a solution. To hopefully save you guys the hassle I thought I'd write up a tutorial walking you through how I did it and hopefully you will have equally great results. I'll provide the link to the tutorial at the end of this post.

My arcade cabinet uses an iPac and using this approach I am now perfectly supporting over 100 Steam/PC games and they all recognize two unique and distinct virtual Xbox 360 controllers. I know for me this has been the silver bullet I've been wishing for and I hope it is for some of you as well.

UCR X360 Controller Support for Multiplayer from Single HID (Tutorial)

EDIT: I also added a short tutorial on automating this process for RocketLauncher users.
Automating UCR via RocketLauncher
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Maybe someone could help me out here.  This sounds like exactly what I've been looking for, but I'm having a problem. 

I have three Ultrastik 360s.  After installing UCR I found that the software was not recognizing joystick 1.  It was, however, seeing the other two just fine (I should mention that all my games, and my front end, and the UltraMap software see joystick 1 fine).  I thought this was odd, so I brought up the Windows game controller window (joy.cpl) and discovered that in the properties window for joystick 1 it displayed only buttons and not the axes; however, in the properties for the other two joysticks it displayed both buttons and the axes.

As I was looking at joystick 2, I happened to go into the Advanced Settings screen (of joy.cpl) which asks for your "preferred device".  Just for kicks I changed it and low-and-behold, the axes for this stick now disappeared from the properties screen and this stick now became unrecognizable in UCR (which now only recognized joystick 3).  Since I had no plans to configure joystick 3 anyway and wanting to convince myself that changing the preferred device really was the culprit, I tried changing the preferred device on that one too--and low-and-behold the axes for stick 3 now disappeared from the properties screen and now none of my sticks can be seen in UCR.  However, all three sticks continue to work fine in everything else.

So my question is whether anyone happens to know what is going on here or if there is anyway of resetting my joysticks so that UCR will recognize them again.  And yes, I have tried setting the preferred joystick for all sticks back to "none" to no avail.
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