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Dragonator Jukebox 2.0 released!


Fixes some minor bugs, adds a random mode and some pretty cool visualizations.  Go check it out at the old rd homepage.

Sounds great.  I have run into one problem though. Both on a winNT and winXP system I get a "File not found" error in a window called Project1 when I open the Dragonator Jukebox.exe.  Winamp opens hidden as I suspect it's supposed to.  The .ini file was modified to point to a folder with .mp3 files.  

I can't wait to see what you have in store for the new FE. I've been using your old one for the last few months.

Ok I made a big goof, but considering I have about 4 projects I'm working on right now I guess I'm due.   :)

I forgot to include the background image!  I've contacted kelsey to update the zip but in the meantime you can put any graphic named background.jpg in the folder for testing purposes.  

Sorry about that.  


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