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arcadesmarket on eBay REVIEW BAD STAY AWAY / SELLING JUNK. Their website:

I was requested to work on a game from a mutual client of ours. They dropped off a game which they purchased from  arcadesmarket on eBay. It was a Joust machine. This thing was listed at $1280 on eBay which I thought to myself wow that's actually pretty decent pricing considering retail & eBay has fees etc. Well it was too good to be true. Just to point out a few issues / concerns I have for the products that they are selling misrepresentation & overall POOR QUALITY.

To start out they list it as:
(They really need to re-title this to Comes with a lots of SHODDY PARTS- NOT SHARP)

--- Quote ---we have installed a 19" LCD monitor
--- End quote ---

Yeah they specifically don't tell you it's not an arcade monitor & looks TERRIBLE. It's a DELL computer monitor (I took this image of inside the cabinet showing the model#):

The game loads directly to Joust, while using a 19-1 Multiboard. Again they make it seem as if it's a dedicated Joust / original machine which it certainly isn't.

The ARTWORK as a whole is printed on poor quality material. ALL of the ART looks terrible when lit the adhesive backed marquee looks grainy. The adhesive / sticker on the FRONT of the Bezel looks atrocious. The Side art is cut about 3/4 -1'' around the entire cabinet leaving a black edge so the side art doesn't completely cover the cabinet. Below is a picture I took of the poorly hand cut bezel art (which any one can literally peel right off:

These are the JUNK joysticks that are being used on this game:

They cut corners, & bolted the "fabricated" control panel which isn't even a Joust control panel wrong shape entirely. No hinges / no clamps or retainers, you can't easily work on or remove the control panel.

The marquee is badly / low lit by two really cheesy bulbs which doesn't distribute the light as well as say an 18'' florescent cabinet light would. 

The top speaker cut out seems cheesy, I forgot to take a photo of it, but they don't have metal grills going over the speakers, they seem to cut corners and save every possible penny they can.

The guy who runs the place his name is "Jose". I called Jose because my customer wanted to add additional games to the unit by digitally "tuning on" the games within the software of the 19-1. Jose said we sold this game to him as a Joust it can't be done. After arguing with the guy explaining that I'm familiar with the multi-boards and that it's not a dedicated Joust, he finally folded & had his technician come on the phone. I'm familiar with the boards as I've worked on them before just wanted to hear what he had to say which spoke volumes.... I believe they are located in Saint Louis, Missouri. I urge you to stay away from this utter garbage. I suppose it goes back to that saying you pay for what you get, in this instance I just wanted to point out to many people what you are buying.


Shame.  These type machines are all over CL as well.  Most are at least advertised as 60 in 1 boards.  Its unfortunate but most casual buyers have no idea what to look for and even crappy builds like this one can be made to look good in photos.    :angry:

They got a working arcade game delivered for $1,280?  What’s the outrage here exactly?

No such thing as an “arcade lcd” btw.


--- Quote from: pbj on March 11, 2018, 05:36:12 pm ---No such thing as an “arcade lcd” btw.

--- End quote ---
I thought they had some native 15Hz LCDs?


--- Quote from: pbj on March 11, 2018, 05:36:12 pm ---They got a working arcade game delivered for $1,280?  What’s the outrage here exactly?

No such thing as an “arcade lcd” btw.

--- End quote ---

You wrong, Jimbo...

19" Vision Pro Arcade Game LCD Monitor


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