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HDMI scanline generator (just a quick dirty review)

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Just got it in the mail. I hope to test it out over the weekend, but finding time is a  :angry:. $29 shipped on fleabay from a seller in Mitchigan, arrived in 2 days. Saw a few test vids on Youtube and caught my interest enough to buy one. Also like the fact its in-line(no power needed unless you have a long cable run which i dont) AND, no hardware taxation on your system(frame drops stuttering etc etc).

Link to fleabay(I hold no allegiance to seller, just bought it from this person because they were close)

Well I installed this little badboy in 5 minutes(just plug in two hdmi cable leads and all was well. At first it didnt work. Im thinking the switches were put on in reverse compared to what the photo indicated as what switch did what function. Once I figured that out, I turned the switch on, loaded up mame to see a few games. Nothin! Looked around back and noted it said if you see nothing try turning on the sync switch(so i did). Bam there it is i can see faint scanlines. Screen darkens just ever so slightly due to the filter effect taking place. So now I play a few games. Looking good, albeit not up to standards i want. Time to dick with it a bit more.
     OK, it has 3 pots on it R-G-B so i messed with the color saturation just a wee bit and i now think i have it where i want it. Games look pretty damned good if i do say so. Takes away that chunkiness that lcd gives it and reduces the sharpness. Now I am seeing the detail in the sprites like it was meant to look. And at no taxation to your GPU whatsoever. Even has reduced some tearing in side scrolling games which in my opinion is a huge plus. I would say its most definitely well worth the $28.99. Hardware generated and not having to mess with .ini files is where this wins out. Not to mention the look is amazing; night and day difference once you get it dialed in.
So far this is without the smoked plexi glass over the monitor. I am sure ill have to up the brightness 2 notches or so before i put the glass on. But that wont take but a few moments of testing before i put it in.

Thats about it, if you were looking at one and on the fence I'd say its most definitely worth the coin, and the classic gamer in you will be well satisfied.

One last note, havent tested on console games(NES/SNES etc etc) but I cant help but think itll make them look awesome again too. Can't wait to test it against Super Mario World SNES.  Game On!


HDMI audio doesn't pass thru... Lame.

oof that's weak.   

yea pass through audio not really an issue with most cabinets imo. Really a non issue, why I never mentioned it.


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