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Full size cabinet review from GameRoomSolutions

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I dont judge for buying over building, but I will judge that art. woof.

Yeah afraid the art dont do it for me!

Nice one

Glad you had a good experience. Iím ready to scream.

I just got my 32 inch cab....the artwork printed is much darker than my design....

The artwork protective film is so stuck to the artwork that even gently peeling it off is damaging the art....

Pieces are gouged/damaged, now gone knows how long Iím going to have to wait to even get this resolved
Because Ryan answers emails extremely slow.

About to have fedex pick this back up and return it. This is a slap in the face.

Mike A:
Send the crap back. I have warned people about that guy's work. He also uses the artwork you upload to his site without your permission. I had to try to cobble together a workable cab for a friend who bought one of those hunks of garbage.


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