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Author Topic: Assistance with booting issues on Jamma 2019-in-1  (Read 565 times)

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Assistance with booting issues on Jamma 2019-in-1
« on: March 01, 2018, 06:02:00 am »
Hi all,

First of all, I apologise for the picture sizes ..

I've had my jamma 2019-in-1 setup for about 5 years running without issue, unfortunately I don't have a correct link to it but from what I can tell its a low spec Pandora box running a celeron and IDE hard drive, with a Chinese windows 2000 backend and maybe hyperlaunch frontend. However now when booting it now throws an error telling me to check the mameinf.log file.

I can press any button, and it bypasses the error, however the system gives me no sound. :(

 As the OS is extremely locked down and I can't access task manager as its been restricted, and alt-tab doesn't work (I assume registry key mods) Ive had a lot of issues accessing the file. I managed to boot into safe mode with command prompt and got to a dos prompt and used edit to display the mameinf.log

Safe mode doesn't give me a Windows desktop either.

It advises
Error -20054010480 automation in SFX_InitialiseDS
Resolution 640x480 not available"

- I suspect the 'resolution'error is due to safemode, however I might be wrong .

I've tried googling and had no luck..

 I'm going to buy an IDE to SATA Adaptor so I can plug the drive into my PC to see if that log file looks any different at all.

Any ideas ? :(

Maybe the onboard sound drivers are corrupt?

I'm fairly experienced with PC's, however since the OS is so locked down, and in Chinese Windows that makes life a lot more difficult. I'm thinking if I can connect the hard-drive to my PC I'll be able to edit the registry hive and enable task manager at the very least .. and hope to get somewhere.

Unfortunately as this is running Chinese Windows 2000, with restricted Task Manager + desktop + alt/tab limitations from what i assume are registry key locks, I'm a bit stuck.

I'm wanting to go about this the right way

I'm hoping theres a way i can resolve this.. I'm happy to buy a Windows license to resolve  this installation in english if thats what is needed.. Ideally I'd like this to be running on an English Windows installation, and i'm super new here, although experienced in the IT world.

Am i right in saying I need to find a way to reinstall the sound-card drivers ?  I will work around the language issues with a friend who can help me translate chinese, but if theres a way I can install a license copy of windows (xp/2k) and get this running .. id be very happy.

Thank you for your time  .

- ReaperZ
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