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Getting Aimtrak Light Gun to Work with Big Buck Hunter Arcade PC Version

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Hmm.. I just have a BT keyboard + mouse-combo. No multimouse to switch on. It should have raw mouse option like "Blue Estate" has.

Strange thing is that all the menu control works flawlessly with both mouse and Aimtrak but well in the shooting mode, only mouse works for aiming :(

That is very odd!

Just had another random thought...

Is your AT set up to emulate a joystick instead of a mouse in the AT utility?

Yeah! Strange indeed!

Works like a charm until you get into the shooting part of the game.
Checked and I do have the aimtrak util setup to act as mouse

Took a video of the problem here

Just for shits and giggles try dissconecting your kb/mouse combo so it only has the AT as a mouse device.

That should then rule out if its a 1 mouse/conflict type issue.


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