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Hi everybody,
I have the same problem.  :(

I have an Arcade cab Warzaid 4 players (Europe version) AAD:B, my 2 RTC are bad. I have progrmed new RTC with source MAME files but its not WARZAID i found only World Combat (AAD:B) but World Combat is an Asian version not EU. when i boot the cab after Rom "OK", RTC OK, Network checking i have an error message with Hardware error or if i puch test button at the message Network cheking the game boot!

Problem is the bad files from source Mame, i search if its possible to found Warzaid (EU evrsion AAD:B)

Please help  :'(


--- Quote from: badsof on December 12, 2020, 02:43:42 am ---i found only World Combat (AAD:B) but World Combat is an Asian version not EU.

--- End quote ---
The first letter of the three letter code usually describes the region or country.

A for Asia -- World Combat (ver AAD:B) []
       or      World Combat (ver AAD:B, alt) []
J for Japan -- World Combat (ver JAA) []
K for Korea -- World Combat (ver KBC:B) []
U for U.S. -- World Combat / Warzaid (ver UCD:B) []

Those are the only five versions mentioned in the current MAME "Viper" driver source code. (lines 3099 - 3103)

Doesn't look like there are any European (E for Europe) or Australian (O for Oceania) dumps.   :dunno

If the correct file isn't in,, or, you might need to track down and dump the RTC from a boardset that matches yours.


thank you for the clarification.

It's very complicated because when I put UCD RTC files I have only single game (2 players), no possible to link but work very well and if I put AAD:B RTC files, link possible to use 4 players, but I can play only if I puch test button at the "network check" message.

My Flash card is C22D02 you don't know If there will be a solution other than finding a functional (EU) RTC to copy it?


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