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Hello everyone!

I just bought a Warzaid arcade off of ebay. I know it has an RTC error and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas how to correct this issue. I have seen a few people pull the chip out and file away the epoxy top exposing the battery. Once exposed they replaced the battery and didnt have any issues after that. To me that fix sounds way to easy and I would assume there would be some programming involved seeing the ST M48T58Y-70PC1 chip holds system information. Maybe I am wrong and it is that easy.

If there isnt a work around or fix, I plan on using the cabinet for MAME shooting games. So either way I'm happy with it.

So I found someone who can replace the RTC chip and install the software. Hopefully this fixes the issues and if anyone has the same issue the place I sent it to is Win Big Arcade in MD. Here is their website.

Well friends Im in need of some help. I got the board back today booted it up the RTC check past all the ROMs past except the screen pauses on network check and then reboots. I'm not sure what the network check is looking for because there is no internet connection on the board. Not sure if there is a network board for the light guns but I cant find anything on network errors for Konami.

Hi, new to this site but saw you had a warzaid and was wondering if you could send me a pic of the jamma wiring? I canít seem to find one and the copy of the manual I have is pretty ---smurfy---. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

Did the pictures help? If not let me know I can send you more


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