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Where can I find some mp3 jukebox software...


runs on a vertical monitor?  That also uses Winamp to play the tunes?

Your not going to find it unfortunately.  I looked before I started on the dj.  The only decent full-screen winamp front-end I could find was at the plugins section and it was very lacking in the features.  As for vertical forget about it.  :)

Make it.  The source to the dj is mostly api calls which work in Vis C++ almost exactly the same. Just port it and combine it with the gameluancher source, or something that can support rotated text.  

OR if you have a radeon card, thier newest drivers support rotating the display at the driver level.  It takes about 10% of the normal framerate but for a mp3 player I don't think that would be a problem.  

the next version of fe-3darcade supports playing of mp3 playlists and the fe can allready be rotated...
It uses an internal player though...



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