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Using a second LCD screen as a marque display in Groovymame

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It does work :). Thank you Calamity...

Apologies to necrobump...

I'm using linux version of GroovyAracde on a 15khz CRT. I have a 1680x320 19" LCD widesecreen monitpor that displays marquee artwork really nicely when connected to my W10 PC.

Is there any way I could use this with my linux GroovyArcade PC? It has an AMD Radeon HD 7000 GFX card.

The DVI out goes to the VGA input of a Ultimarc J-PAC

The other output is a DisplayPort. The Marquee monitor has VGA and DisplayPort inputs.

I'm running AttractMode on the GroovyArcade.

Cheers! :cheers:

Hello Groovy MAME community,
I have a similar problem with my arcade cab. I bought a ultra wide LCD for my cab, to use it for displaying the marquees. It has a 1920x360 resolution.
I use a Radeon HD 4890 on Windows 10 with CRT Emudriver & CRT Tools 2.0 beta 15 (Catalyst 12.6) for Windows 7/8/10 64-bits. Everything is fine, as long as i only use the CRT in the cab.
The problems start, while using MAME with two screens. I plugged the (marquee) LCD into the HDMI output of the mainboard using the Intel 4600 Graphics of the CPU. I did this, because i wanted to avoid conflicts with the CRT Emu drivers and the 15khz resolutions. Sadly this does not work (at least not as expected). Either Windows 10 or MAME are not able to treat the screens with different resolutions. Starting MAME brings up a error window, claiming "switchres" can not find a suitable resolution for the LCD screen and then starts MAME in a window (not fullscreen) on the CRT and use (i think so) a super resolution for the LCD.

So basically i think the problem is to find a way to use only 1920x360 for the LCD and all the switchres magic for the CRT. I am desperate here :( .

--- Quote from: Calamity on February 01, 2018, 07:34:14 am ---In order to use the marquee feature, use a command line like this:

--- Code: ---mame64 -numscreens 2 -screen0 \\.\DISPLAY2 -screen1 \\.\DISPLAY1 -view0 standard -view1 marquee -use_marquees bublbobl
--- End code ---

--- End quote ---

Is there any way to configure this in the MAME.ini ?? So that this setup is used for every game, that would be cool.
Any help here, is very much appreciated.


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