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Game Elf versus Pandora's Box game quality


Forgive if this covered elsewhere. Looked at Game Elf review but I have a more specific question.
I received a Pandora's Box 4 clone with a 5s game load out for Christmas.  It's good overall but game quality varies widely, some good, some not so much. Ive been told PB runs on an Android platform so it's not a true MAME system and therefore is more a cobbled together collection of console rips.  I'm thinking about swapping the PB board for a Game Elf 1162 in 1; using the PB console controls, adding a trackball and maybe spinner externally,  connecting to a LCD on a rotatable mount so I can adjust the screen for the horizontal or vertical board.
My question is:
Are the ports on the Game Elf closer to arcade quality?
Are they better than what's on the Pandora Box?

I just don't want buy another board and start down that road if it's going to be a bit more of the same.
Any input welcomed.
Thanks in advance!  :)

find jamma plus uk's website, find the open pandora thread, DL those files.
uses numerous cores to get the most out of the crummy A13 CPU

were you able to fix that?


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