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Author Topic: CP mockup is worth the effort if you are designing your own cabinet.  (Read 696 times)

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The plan is so start construction the week of Christmas -
I've been at it a while and have all the bits and pieces - just need to purchase materials to build the cab.. 

My very first iteration was this:

The forum quickly made a number of suggestions to improve upon this cab..
I also finally got to mocking up a control panel and giving it a test drive.. 

I highly recommend this step if you can do it -

Tried 2 layouts from The more comfortable one for me is on the right.
After using this CP - it was just oversized.  I shrunk the dimensions in the drawing below.  It will be pretty easy to make one more test CP in particle board just to be sure..

Setting up the CP and monitor in the same positions as the drawing revealed a few things.
My design had a 23 deg monitor tilt - way too much for me..  I adjusted to 15 deg
The CP was tilted at 7.5 deg - I reduced it to 5 deg..  Hand got tired controlling the trackball.
(Centipede is my game - the trackball is my featured control!)

Height from the floor was fine..
and I adjusted the monitor height from too low to too high - settling in on at 50" to the center of the screen.

Making the CP smaller and messing around with the dimensions helped me to simplify the overall design.

Any more suggestions?

I've allowed 8" total for the Marquee (Includes 3/4" panels top/bottom) - it "looks" big...  but I'll differ to your expertise.

 - The speakers at the top will be boxed in and insulated. 
 - The box at the bottom is for a floor facing 8" Subwoofer
   (I don't expect much in the way of sound - but it may end up with Jukebox software at some point)
 - The blocking has not been drawn in yet..  but I'm sure there will be some here/there.

Let me know what you think.. 
I think I'm 99% there....

My Arcade Build and other projects here:


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