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Calling Plays In MAME Atari Football Version 2


I'm trying to play atari football on MAME and am having the same problem with calling plays.  I have an X-arcade tankstick hooked up to the game.  It all works, I just can see and don't know what buttons cycle through the plays.  I'm running version 2.  It doesn't show the plays on the screen.  Any help appreciated!

I also heard there is a version that has the plays on the screen to cycle through.  What is the ROM name for that version.

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure if version 2 means Revision 2 (atarifb) or Atari Football II (atarifb2).

In atarifb, to select plays, press your normal Button 1 (CTRL, Left Mouse Button, Joystick button 1). If you want to see the playbook art, that's provided as a Bezel, which is part of MAME's artwork system. (Search for MAME Bezel Artwork for more info)

You likely only need to grab the artwork zip from and add it to your mamedir\artwork directory.


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