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Author Topic: Need some advices: getting mad with vmmaker & 5850  (Read 795 times)

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Need some advices: getting mad with vmmaker & 5850
« on: December 03, 2017, 01:41:25 pm »

I have a Ati 5850 & sony trinitron kv29 + LCD (for hyperspin)

It was working well with mame, but Robocop, and I was with the 60hz config, so I wanted to tweak things a little and now.. everything is broken !

640x480 is rejected by driver or out of sync, it was working, and if I create the resolution with the catalyst tool, it displays fine (but mame refuses to open the display, complaining that it does not find the main resolution)

I noticed:

- My  crt is on analog_1 (the second dvi), but if I enable analog_0 I sometimes get different modes for the crt (!) like enabling one, then the other gives result R1, if I then  disable analog_0 I get R2 diff from R1 !
- Sometimes vmmaker enables 640x480 and all above resolutions (no below, so it can not be used)
- Sometimes it enables all below, and 640x480 30p is out of sync !
- If I check the 'add modes from list', then the generated res are all rejected by driver
- If I uncheck, either 640 is rejected by driver, or it's out of sync (and using OSD does not help)

So I'm lost : it was working, it's not anymore, and I either have 640x and above, or below but no 640 (so.. not usable)

I have spent many many hours trying to use the different profiles (generic 15, 15ex, pal, ntsc..) , it's always the same thing !
I have installed, reinstalled everything : same issue.

It kills me, as it used to work !
Any idea ?


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Re: Need some advices: getting mad with vmmaker & 5850
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2017, 04:01:46 pm »
Hi peSlug,

You need to leave it alone for some days and start from scratch. It's actually quite simple but you've messed up your setup for some reason. Some hints:

- Never, ever, use third-party software for creating video modes in combination with CRT Emudriver (unless you really know what you're doing or you like experimenting). By the Catalyst tool do you mean CCC or CRU? If you have used CRU previously, make sure you remove all EDID overrides from your system.

- Never use the "add modes from list" check in VMMaker.

- Never start EDID emulation on an output different to the one you want to use with your a CRT (and never if your CRT already has a physical EDID).

- Try using the option "delete all modes from driver" in the "video card" tab in VMMaker.

- Pay a lot of attention to the device selected in the "video card" tab's drop-down menu, it must match the one where you have started EDID emulation. This is not selected automatically by the program, you have to do it manually.
Important note: posts reporting GM issues without a log will be IGNORED.
Steps to create a log:
 - From command line, run: groovymame.exe -v romname >romname.txt
 - Attach resulting romname.txt file to your post, instead or pasting it.

CRT Emudriver, VMMaker & Arcade OSD downloads, documentation and discussion:  Eiusdemmodi


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Re: Need some advices: getting mad with vmmaker & 5850
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2017, 12:40:11 pm »
Thanks a lot ! That was it : even if I disabled a EDID, there was still a  monitor alive in the device manager. I had to remove it, reinstall everything, and now everything is working fine : THANKS A LOT !!


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