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Author Topic: Big Buck Hunter Pro (open season, world, safari, etc.) replacement boards  (Read 116 times)

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The Big Buck Hunter Pro series is a pretty popular machine to sell off now, but unfortunately the computer inside (described as the "microtel" computer) is pretty trashy. it comes in an unbranded square black or white case.  It suffers from bad caps and often will straight up die if you don't change them out...or die shortly after.

Should you end up with a dead/dying BBHP, BBHOS, BBW (and some BBsafari)... and the mainboard dies, you can replace it with some other more available and more reliable parts...

the original red 6100 and later green 6100 boards are both terrible and prone to failure. They can be changed with 100% compatibility, provided you run the latest version of the OS.


other boards might be compatible too as well, but I have tested and verified these in particular. Lots of these models are available on ebay with ram and CPU's ready to go for often under 100 bucks.

I've found that more or less if the northbridge is either a nVidia 6100 or 7025 series


the sound chip is a Realtek ALC662 or ALC665 chip

It will work with the software without any farting around.

should you end up having to replace a safari computer (most where Dell computers.) you can replace those with either...


both are nearly identical to the original board but with additional internal ports. (sata etc)



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