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Rowe AMi CD 100 CCC 40832220 Firmware Versions?

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Ken Layton:
Central Control Computer software version 4.1 default pricing is 2-7-18. Version 4.3 default pricing is 2-5-15.

Note: Versions 3.9 and above require a 1mb eprom (32 pins, type 27C010-12). Early software used a 512kb eprom (28 pins, type 27C512-12). Early CCC boards only had a 28 pin IC socket installed.

Hello, wondering if there is information anywhere on how to upgrade the firmware (I currently have v2.3 on CD100B). I noticed a post above that a 32 pin eprom would be required for 4.x and the socket in my computer is 32 pin (I believe!) currently populated with a 28 pin eprom with 4 empty sockets. Have looked at eprom programmers on amazon (usb types) that would appear to work but no information found yet on how to burn the program.


same as all EEPROMS...but it's gonna require some equipment,

locate ROM file update on internet...
scrape off sticker from over the EEPROM window and clean the residue off...
erase ROM with UV light eraser...
program ROM file you got to the EEPROM.

or have a look around on ebay and buy an already burned EEPROM and just swap it out. no sense in buying all the stuff to burn 1 rom and then never do it again.

May I ask how to check the firmware version on the CCC? Thanks,

it should be written on the EPROM itself (unless some animal upgraded it in the past and didn't put a label on it) its in the cutout in the top left corner


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