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Author Topic: Cocktail Cabinet Rehab Help - Total Newbie  (Read 429 times)

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Cocktail Cabinet Rehab Help - Total Newbie
« on: November 11, 2017, 03:24:44 am »
I received a non-functional "classic arcade 400v" CRT cocktail cabinet for free and have been doing a lot of tinkering with it to see what is wrong and if I can fix it and now I have hit the point where writing/composing a lengthy forum post feels better than trying any of the ideas I have left.

Orion A48JLL40X
Jamma JPAC 10161311
MOBO - AV49P v1.3B
CPU - Inel Celeron 1.7ghz
GPU - Rage 128 Pro
SOUND - Creative Labs CT4750
RAM - MDGVD5F3G375B1EZ4 DDR400 (2.5) 256M*8

Original Symptoms:
No video output with just a blue screen, but monitor powers on
Audible clicking noise from inside case 

Probable source:
CMOS battery had leaked all over mobo
Hard drive had obviously failed

Diary of events:
--Pulled hard drive and clicking stopped
--Pulled mobo out and found lots of corrosion all over the board with leaking CMOS battery
--I replaced mobo/cpu and HDD with garbage parts sitting around. Some sort of AMD setup from a gateway.
--Fresh installed windows xp using old dell LCD
--Installed Rage 128 and sound card into case
--Finally found drivers for Rage 128 but the sound card seems to not be registering, it shows up as "pci device" and no driver would install or register sound card. Had to clean lots of corrosion off of sound card connection and after the cleaning the computer will not display video if it is plugged in. Ditching sound for now.
--Tried installing Soft15khz but it will not install on card or mobo
--Switched JAMMA from 15khz to 31khz (some people seem to have 2 jumpers on this but I only have 1)
--Used Quickres to be able to switch res lower than 800x600
--The 15khz to 31khz allowed me to finally get a video signal out of the CRT but it is split screen and the screen images are not complete clones. Just partial.

The system was operational at one point so I am fairly confident the video card is able to run this monitor. I do not know where to go from here because I have tried adjusting the video card in windows and there seems to be no compatibility with 15khz and this card but that is what the JAMMA was set at when the cabinet was operational. I am lost.

Found an old laptop that soft15khz would install on and I get same results but now the screen will stop cloning once windows loads up and I get a rolling black screen with occasional "lightning" flashes on the screen.

I can post pictures or give any other information if you think it may help.

Above shot of inside. The mobo used to be mounted inside but was removed and I run the Jamma wires out to external computer.
Would having the original power supply still in the circuit effect sync issues? Especially with how little it is actually powering.

Is this loop in the monitor wiring contributing to my sync issues?

Is this wiring out of the ordinary for these Jamma boards?

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