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Author Topic: The Ultimate Multicade Project- Everything I could fit - Start to Finish ;)  (Read 1092 times)

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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!
Scroll to the bottom youtube video to see the final setup.

I had found 3 golden tee cabs on craigslist online, no boards 50 dollars each, what a deal! They already came with the trackball i needed

I found a template online for a Control panel, printed it all out to size, and put in on a piece of MDF. Modified the button layout to my liking, moved the buttons to where I wanted them then drill right through the paper. after that was done, I clamed a down a piece of plexi, I drilled 1/2 in holes slowly against a nother piece of mdf so the plex would not crack. I then ran a dremel side riding bit into the 1/2 incho hole to wide the button plexi hole.

this is what it looked like.

First video I made of it in progress:

Finished project, then decided to setup LEDblinky for the first time.  This was a pain, and i had to make many setups for different systems.  I also added a middle monitor to show game names.

Decided to get wii working with a generic wireless bar and bluetooth adaptor. It was terrible!  Got a dolphin bar and got wii working correctly.  I moved the dolphinbar behind the glass screen and tinted the glass screen. in future videos, you see the led showing at the top of the screen.

I added 2 Aimtrack guns, but aimtrack has a different LED arrangment to wii bar. So I had an idea. Use LED blinky to turn on the extra LED's when you enter the wii menu.  Now I can use aimtrack games and a wii controller with the same bar.

Finished Project:

Newest Additions!

Cherry on top, LED Marquee!

Current status, Removed the middle monitor and swapp it with an IPS panel with higher viewing angle and resolution. going to be using it for controller layout and game stats.

New addition, Changed the middle monitor to display flyers and text descriptions and added Ambiant Joysticks!

Last edition. Added LED ambient cabinet glow based on the color of the game/system selected, this is the last update to the cab, I consider it finished and made a 20 minute video to show it off.
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Very cool Marcux.  I love the marquee.

Now all you need to do is get some screens for the side art. ;)
My virtual pinball cabinet: LEGO Batpin


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