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Author Topic: I-Pac, simultaneous button/controller presses triggering MAME pause + config  (Read 733 times)

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Having a weird issue I'm hoping someone can clue me in on.  Using an I-Pac.  For some reason if I hold 2P Start (which I believe is L-Ctrl) and either controller 1 DOWN (arrow down) or controller 1 RIGHT (arrow right) I trigger unwanted MAME commands.  One triggers MAME to pause while the other brings up the MAME config menu (like hitting the TAB button).

I confirmed in MAME that those key combinations should not trigger either of those options, and if I hit those keys on an actual keyboard nothing happens.  However, when doing it through my I-Pac it happens every time.

This is causing me an issue because sometimes while playing a game player 2 will try to hit their start button to come back in while player 1 is still playing and it triggers these unwanted functions.

Am I going crazy or is there a rational explanation for this?


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try putting the 2p start to the default key which is 2
Thenasty's Arcademania Horizontal/Vertical setup.

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I think you mean Start1 not Start2. (although this is not L-Ctrl as mentioned above)

The I-PAC has a number of shift controls for functions which are available by holding Start1. These are what you are seeing. You can disable any, or all of these shifted functions using the WinIPAC configuration program or move the shift control to any other button.

If you need guidance with this let me know:


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Is everything grounded properly?  Did you check the solder points?  Changed the cable connecting the said encoder?

The simplist issues often get overlooked.
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Am I going crazy or is there a rational explanation for this?
As Andy mentioned, the I-Pac has "shifted functions" -- see here for more info.
Shift Mode

Pressing and holding 1player start enables shift mode with access to the following keys (when "MAME" setting is used):

2 player start=Esc for jumping back to the menu

Joystick left=Enter for running games in Windows and for MAME game config menu

Joystick right=Tab for entering MAME config menu

Joystick up=~ - for entering MAME volume/gamma menu

Joystick down=P MAME pause key

1 fire (button 1)=5 for simulating coin insert.

The above shift keys can be changed/turned off as required if the board is programmed.
To test your setup:
(the "shift" button is usually P1 Start, but based on the OP it sounds like P2 Start for your I-Pac  :dunno)

- Launch Notepad

- Press and hold P2 Start (you'll get no output yet if this is the "shift" button)

- Release P2 Start (if this is the "shift" button, the I-Pac should type a "2" or whatever the default keystroke was changed to  :dunno)

- Press and hold P2 Start (no output yet) then press down on P1 joystick. (the I-Pac should type a "P" unless the default keystroke was changed)
If you have dedicated admin buttons/coin mechs you can reprogram the I-Pac to disable the shifted functions that you don't want to accidently trigger ESPECIALLY TAB. (menu)

You're going to spend a lot of time configuring your system so learn from the misfortune of others and don't leave menu access vulnerable to button-mashing kids or drunk guests.   :scared



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Thanks guys, sorry I never got to revisit this until now.  Life gets crazy and this stuff takes the backburner!

I was wrong - I am using the I-Pac defaults, I misread my notes.  I do hope my issue was the I-Pac shift function which I have disabled.  Will see if it works better.

Thanks again!


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