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I've put online a Mednafen mod: emu4crt, which support native resolutions for a "perfect" rendering.

Supported Mednafen's modules :
   Sega Saturn (win64 build only)
   Sega Megadrive/Genesis
   Sega Master System
   Sony Playstation
   NEC PC Engine / CD / superGrafx
   Nintendo Snes and Snes Faust
   Nintendo Nes

Builds provided for Windows 32 & 64bits
Download binaries & patches:

For usage, please have a look to the README displayed on the download page.
Basic knowledge of CRT Emudriver/VMMaker is required as video modes are not generated by the emulator.

Feel free to report any comment or issue.

Revision History:
1.26.0 A13 - Update to Mednafen 1.26.1
1.26.0 A13 - Update to Mednafen 1.26.0 UNSTABLE
1.24.3 A13 - Update to Mednafen 1.24.3 and minor fix
1.24.2 A13 - Update and Megadrive/Genesis interlaced mode fix
1.24.1 A12 - Fix super resolution switch & PCFX scaling
1.24.1 A11 - Add pce_fast, sms, md and pcfx modules
1.24.0 A10 - Update mod to A10 - Improve resolution switch delay and fix PSX horizontal centering
1.24.0 A09 - Update to Mednafen 1.24.0 UNSTABLE
1.23.0 A09 - Update to Mednafen 1.23.0 UNSTABLE
1.22.1 A09 - Update to Mednafen 1.22.1 - Add snes_faust module.
1.21.0 A08 - Update to Mednafen 1.21.0 UNSTABLE *** Changes in settings and configuration files, refer to official site: ***
          Add Hotdog932al PSX core centering/cropping fix
 0.9.48 A07 - Support Super Resolution
 0.9.48 A06 - OSD improvement and PSX "post bios" bug fix.
 0.9.48 A05 - Fix fullscreen mode switch
 0.9.48 A04 - Update to Mednafen sources 0.9.48, fix video options, preliminary OSD adaptations.
 0.9.47 A02 - Added support for NEC PC Engine
 0.9.47 A01 - Initial release

This is very exciting. I played around with it and I'm not certain I understand how to use it.
I read through the rtf and here's what I can figure:
Unzip to the same directory as the mednafen executable
Copy the lifelines from the txt file and append them into the user_modes or _super .ini files and install the lifelines
C:\mednafen> emu4crt [romname]
And after doing that I'm certainly playing the game but definitely not at native resolution. It's also windowed, and as mentioned in the RTF I should not alt+enter for full screen (and doing so gives me a 31khz signal) but I'm not really sure what else to do if I want full screen games. So... What exactly does one need to do that I haven't done?

You are doing well... maybe you have same issue I used to have, here some precisions:

Unzip to the same directory as the mednafen executable:
  Yes, you can just unzip the emu4crt.exe file to your existing mednafen directory.
  At first launch, emu4crt.exe will add a new option to the mednafen-09x.cfg: video.UseNativeResolution (should be at 1 by default).

Mednafen save the fullscreen/window mode, so quit mednafen with ESC key while in desired mode, or have a look to the .cfg file.  ;)

If mednafen or emu4crt switches to a 31kHz mode, you can try this fix:
  1 - Stop and Disable service: AMD External events utility
  2 - Ensure that the Windows advanced display option is enable: "hide modes that is monitor cannot display"

This service often resets the "hide modes", so standard 31kHz video modes are exposed to applications, not good for our usage.

Switching emu4crt from Fullscreen to window is not dangerous, It doesn't create video modes on the fly as Groovymame, it can only use resolutions provided by Windows.

 Just that the image will not be scaled correctly to 1:1 pixel but to a smaller or greater size. In such case you can wait that the game decide to change resolution.

Hi silmalik,

Great job with your Mednafen mod, I'm eager to test it.

--- Quote from: silmalik on September 01, 2017, 01:31:26 pm ---This service often resets the "hide modes", so standard 31kHz video modes are exposed to applications, not good for our usage.

--- End quote ---

How in the world did you figure this out? I've seen this issue but didn't have a clue about the cause.

Hi Calamity,

Oh, my job is really nothing compares to what you provide to all of us. Thanks to You.  :)

Well, some little work with Sysinternals Procmon has designated me the culprit: identify the reg key which stores the parameter, then identify the process who overwrites it.

This service is known to be the Catalyst hotkey poller, it was a surprise to see it messing up the configuration!  :o

I hope you will enjoy the mod.


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