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mGalaxy v6.3 released



mGalaxy v6.3 is out!
New theme, Mame database creation further simplified, ‘history.dat’ support,...

[*]    New “Fruit Machine” theme added to meet the need of a growing number of users for a slot machine theme.
[*]    mGalaxy_Runway: Database > Mame database creation further simplified.
[*]    mGalaxy_Runway: Database > ‘history.dat’ support added to Mame DB.
[*]    mGalaxy_Runway: Database > Image preview while scraping from databases.
[*]    mGalaxy_Runway: When duplicating a system, you now get the option to copy user files (database, favorites, top10,…) from the ‘original’ system to the ‘duplicated’ system.

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