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Author Topic: GroovyArcade - Scrape Games in Front End?  (Read 554 times)

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GroovyArcade - Scrape Games in Front End?
« on: August 19, 2017, 08:15:36 pm »

I've been messing around with GroovyArcade (2017 release) and am having two recurring issues that I cannot resolve and was hoping for maybe a few pointers for a MAME beginner.

System: i3-6300 16GB RAM Radeon HD 7450
Monitor: SEGA New Net City (Toshiba) Tri-sync
Controls: X-Arcade BYOAC Encoder to USB

First issue involves the default front end. I am using AdvanceMenuPlus and I can only get 2 or 3 roms to show in the list. The complex ones complete with CHD files work a treat, but some others that work fine on a Windows 10 machine won't even show up in AdvMenuPlus on GroovyArcade.

I copied the .zip files over SMB to the /home/roms/MAME/roms directory and as part of the troubleshooting process tried the following commands, with no change in operation after a reboot.

Code: [Select]
chmod 777
chown arcade:nobody

Is there a config file that needs edited or a way to tell the front end to scrape for content? Is this something that upgrading ArchLinux would potentially fix?

Second issue is that that the gasetup screen flickers like crazy. I have it set up as monitor type 21 (Tri-Sync) - and when in either AdvMenuPlus or AttractMode or in-game it's flawless, it's only an issue in gasetup. Is there a config file that gasetup uses to select video mode? This isn't terribly important as this menu should be rarely used once it's all set up properly.

Thanks all!


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