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Wanted to share my experience with ordering an arcade control panel from  Though I used to own a Neo Geo Big Red in the past, I never had to do any maintenance on it. So wiring and all that is very new to me.  I wanted to build an arcade stick for a raspberry pi that I got setup with retropie/emulationstation.  Since I was so new I was looking for something simple and not too expensive just in case I screwed the whole thing up.  I found gameroomsolutions off of /cade over on reddit and the Arcade Control Panel they had listed fit my needs perfectly.  I had some back and forth with Ryan before ordering - I was trying to get the PSD template beforehand so they could print and apply the artwork.  He told me i had to order first and then he would send the file.  I did so and as promised he sent the PSD template as well as the instructions for getting a hyperpie image and the config files.  It took me about a week to finish up the design (I'm new to photoshop too) and once I sent it to him and took maybe 3/4 days before he shipped it out.  Once received everything looked good (only 1 small chip on the MDF sideboard) but the 6 white LED buttons I ordered were just 6 white buttons.  I emailed Ryan and he apologized same day and in about 4 days I received the correct LED buttons.  It went together fairly easy even though I made my fair share of wiring mistakes.  I would say the most difficult thing was the hyperpie image stuff. I could not get hyperpie and the arcade sticks to work right.  not all buttons were being recognized, and the hotkeys (joystick or keyboard) were not working either.  I eventually gave up and did a completely different frontend (motion blue) and did not use Ryan's config file.  Everything is working now as it should.  Here is a quick vid of the end results:

I was a little concerned after I ordered when I started seeing some negative reviews.  In the end though I didn't have any issues and I'm happy with my experience and the results.  Possibly because what I ordered was so simple.  Anyway, just wanted to share.


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