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Author Topic: Best 19" 4:3/5:4 Sync on Green monitor for Original Xbox?  (Read 744 times)

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Best 19" 4:3/5:4 Sync on Green monitor for Original Xbox?
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:47:54 pm »
I did see another thread discussing monitor solutions for the Original xbox, but from what i read the discussion was more centered around the cables used rather than naming specific monitors. And since the thread was several years so I thought I'd start a new thread. (Apologies if I've made some mistake or broken a rule by posting this thread) Anyway..


I'm building an Xbox powered arcade cab, and am trying to cut back on MORE greif and wasted purchases by finding out here if anyone has found the perfect 19" monitor for an original Xbox. I'm looking for one with a reasonably thin Bezel.

Here are the components I'm using, in case the connection method does in some way matter:

Component to VGA:

Xbox Component cable (Generic):

I've also used NKPatcher to patch my Softmodded Xbox to use proper VGA colours.

I tested it out with some of the monitors I'm using for the PC's in the house, an AOC 21" e2243FW widescreen, and another 22" AOC Monitor (

The AOC e2243FW displays the xbox, but there are faintly noticable wavy lines vertically across the image. On the 22" AOC the image is perfectly clean.

So after seeing that the xbox COULD output my video properly with the setup I had, I started to search for a 19" 4:3 monitor to fit in my Bartop Arcade cab.

So I looked at a list of Sync on Green monitors and first bought a Dell 1908FPc, I took a gamble on a Grade C one for 15, and although it works with the Xbox, it unfortunately had a HUGE scratch on the screen, which had removed some of the Polarizing material. So it was useless. Although, it shared the same problem with the Wavy vertical lines. I looked into replacing the Poloarizing film on it, but couldnt find any way to get a 19" sheet without buying 100 wholesale. And sending it back would almost cost the same as the monitor, so I figured it was more trouble than it was worth and decided to just keep it and throw it in storage.

Here is an example of what the wavy lines look like, its subtle in the picture, but much more noticable when looking at the screen in person:

They're particularly noticable on Ryu's arm and the Grey on his clothes.

Next I tried a Dell E1800 FP 18" (Grade B) for 25. It worked, but still suffered from the wavy lines, although a bit more subtle. It also kept loosing the image, repeadtedly cutting to a black screen, and then coming back when playing DOA2U, DOA3, Guilty Gear XX Reloaded, and sometimes on the XBMC menu, as well as when trying Auto Adjust just flat out flickering to black and back preventing me from even accessing the monitor config. I assumed it was just faulty, and decided, this time, to send it back. Which cost me almost as much as the screen. So at this point i'm starting to get frustrated.

I'm just looking for a Sync on Green Monitor that is 18"-19", 4:3/5:4 aspect ratio, that doesnt cost 100, works with the Xbox, and and produces a nice CLEAN image. I'm looking for something used/new for up to 40. Since there seem to be a lot of good Grade A monitors out there for 15-30. Based on the problems i've been having, I'm prepeared to go for something more expensive/new/recent if it gets me a reliable clean image.

So if anyone has experience with using VGA with the original Xbox and LCD screens to match, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Best 19" 4:3/5:4 Sync on Green monitor for Original Xbox?
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2017, 09:36:03 am »
For anyone who finds this Post in the future, I found the perfect screen for an Xbox.

Its a 5:4 aspect ratio 19" Dell. The Dell P1914S, 19".

Not only does it have a completely clean, perfect image, (no vertical lines) but It even displays the 480i Original Xbox Dashboard. It also has a bunch of Modern display options you can tweak. And, it's new enough that it has a Display port.

Its also very much worth noting that this monitor can be switched to YPbPr mode, meaning you do NOT have to patch your xbox to work with vga. It will show normal colour on this monitor by default, through any component to VGA adapter.

How much did I pay for it? 15. The condition was "Grade A". So the body has some wear on it, but the screen is pristine, not a mark or pressure point on it.

If you need the perfect 19" 5:4 monitor for an original Xbox. Buy a Dell P1914S, 19". You will NOT regret it!

Here are some images of it in action:

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