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So got the arcade control panel on 6/3/17. Had two issues with it, one the artwork was not trimmed to size for the control panel. I don't know if that's typical, but I was ill-prepared to trim it down. If this is typical for control panel artwork than well, that's on me.

The other issue was one of the holes for the joystick bolt was blocked off. I wrote an email to Ryan mentioning that I wasn't happy with how the holes were drilled for the joystick bolts as well as the artwork issue. This was his reply:

"I have no idea what that close up is...  Doesnt look like you have the plex correct.  I will send you a return label in the morning and issue you a full refund.  This project might not be for you.


I'm pretty livid at this point. I managed to fix the issue with the hole being blocked (I was worried about cracking the acrylic by applying too much force but thankfully that wasn't the case.) Still, I can't believe this is his example of "customer service". At least I got his rude reply right away.

I'm attaching the same picture I sent him, is it really that confusing of a picture? If it is I'll cop to that as well but this is still lousy customer service.


Er...well, that was a useful response. I'm serious though, is this such a common thing with acrylic that I should have known better? I was afraid of causing damage by trying to fix it.

Mike A:
Return the whole thing to him for the refund. Contact Haruman. Be happy.

Well, at this point I'm too far in the assembly to want to return it. I'll write it off as lesson learned. I don't think the product is bad (issues aside) but that's some next level bad customer service.


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