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Got me a Vectrex.

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It wasn't until I picked up my Asteroids Deluxe 3 years ago that I actually even learned what a Vectrex was. It was during my searches and reading up on vector monitors that I saw the little thing in some image results. Skimmed a quick history, watched a couple videos and was amazed with it. Casually kept an eye out over the last 3 years for one that didn't break the bank and wasn't beat to crap complete with a roached out controller cable for $400+ and no games. There were a couple nice setups that came with 20+ games for 2k+ and FIRM!! WILL NOT SPLIT!!!, NO LOWBALLERS bla bla bla.

Picked up this great package off Craigslist last Thursday for a very fair price. The 3 games do have the overlays and manuals.

The buttons on the controller were not registering consistently, especially button 4 (which makes sense now cause it's "fire" in like every game :p ). I didn't even want to try my hand at heating up and trying to peel back the overlay, so I just cut circles over the screws. Got everything cleaned and lubed, controls are spot on now. I'm probably just gonna leave the overlay like that for future access and to avoid blowing 12 bucks on a new one only to have to ruin it at some point.

Of course since I'm addicted to Everdrives I did some searches and saw what the main options were and how awful the secondary market is on ebay. On Friday I was chatting with a local collector friend and he offered to loan me his "Sean Kelly multicart" to try and he said or you can see if he has any since he's local to you. He sent me the phone number and I called.

me: Hi, a friend gave me the number to your store and said you guys might have the Vectrex multcart.
him: (slight chuckle) Hi, I'm Sean the guy that builds them.
me: Oh sh!t, how cool. Do you happen to have one for sale?
him: Yeah, 50 bucks.
me: See you in 30min with cash.

Now that was pretty cool, didn't have to wait for something from the Ukraine, get on some waiting list or get hosed on the secondary market. Nope, I was able to snag the 2016 2.5 version right from the actual dude the next day after picking up the Vectrex. Even Colonel Smith couldn't have planned that any better.

I also have a cap kit on order, but the coolest thing on the multicart is the test rom. After reading the service manual I was able to get dac offest adjusted and image dialed in to spec. While playing Hyper Chase (fantastic game) I noticed the steering was locked a little left, the test cart also helped with getting the internal centering trim pots set on the analog joystick. Such a cool piece of hardware, some really really fun games as well, which is pretty much all the cool b&w vector games. Vector monitors are pure eye sex in any form, one great home brew is "Patriots" and that one is awesome for vector Z hotness.

good day.

Im jealous. I need one in my collection but can't fork out the 400 to get one online. Im a cheap Bayard with expensive hobbies.

Congrats on getting a working one!
I was able to pick one up about 5 years ago for $50, but it wasn't working. I put it in my storage for a future project, but now I'm thinking it's time to take a look at it. Thanks for the inspiration.

If you get a chance, check out Moon Lander, a homebrew consolized version of Lunar Lander. Plays great with the Vectrex's controller.

There are still active home brewers for the Vectrex and I'm sure you can find more gems out there.

if u use facebook or dont mind facebook, i would recommend joining this group:

you'll get all the latest on what's happening in the vectrex scene there

ps. there is a new flash cart coming out soon called the vecfever which is very highly recommended  :)

! No longer available


I've been a Vectrex collector for many years.  Thank god I picked up the vast majority of my collection way back before retrogaming was anything other than people who collected junk Funcoland didn't buy.  Congrats, man, it's a great system.  Wait until you decide you absolutely must have the 3D goggles.


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