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Turned on Firepower last night... and lower left segment is dead...



Stay tuned?


Isolated it down to one bad slave display.  Swapped in one from a junk box.  Worked great for four hours and then it smoked one of the master display resistors.  Back to the junk box.

For now Iíve desoldered the problem strobe pin on the slave display.

Owning this machine is an exercise in fun and misery.


Ken Layton:
A lot of times a bad display panel (internally shorted) will take out those resistors. Sometimes, modifying the high voltage section of the power supply board to drop the +100 and -100 volts down to 91 volts helps considerably in keeping the resistors from burning up on the master display board.

The complete LED replacement kit is about $110 shipped from Wolffpack.  I need to just go ahead and bite the bullet. 



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