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Symptom - lower left segment missing from players 1 & 2 and ball/credit displays.

So that means the problem isn't display glass, took a look at the board, and we've got a crispy resistor.

Replaced it with a half watt flame proof...

And.... There....we.... Go.

3.5 years later, same segment went dead again and took its friend top segment with it.

Replaced the resistor again and that segment was resolved.

Top segment was a little weird, resistor looked and tested okay.  Reflow of everything did nothing.

I looked at the schematics and saw there are two chips that player 1, 2, and ball/credit have in common.  I looked over a data sheet and noticed this game only uses 6 lines of the 7 segment driver.  (No commas)  so I jumped the dead input and output to the respective unused pins.

Replaced the resistor because why not.

Lasted about five hours before an entire digit on player 2 and 4 disappeared.   :lol

More drama, next post.


Itís one of my favorites, and Iím horrible at it.  This was a rescue out of a puddle of mud in San Antonio over a decade ago.  I got tired of chasing gremlins on the mpu and driver board and bought replacements from pinballpcb.  Iím not entirely happy with what I received or how Iíve been treated post sale, but the boards do work.

That backglass is missing most of the colored ink, so what youíre seeing is a bunch of colored transparencies glued to the back.  Cabinet was missing 90% of the black so I rattle canned it back.  This is a polished turd.  Iím probably in for $1,500 at this point and Iíll never get it back out of it.

Anyway, a reflow on the strobe pins in question and cleaning the edge connector got my missing digit back.




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