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Author Topic: Help connecting PC to Wells Gardner K7500  (Read 644 times)

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Help connecting PC to Wells Gardner K7500
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:52:46 am »
Hi all - I'm currently building my cabinet and am looking for some assistance in connecting my PC to my new monitor (Wells Gardner K7500). The PC has a VGA connection out but my monitor does not have a VGA connection into it. I'm essentially looking for a simple (and ideally, inexpensive) way to get these devices talking to one another rather easily. I've read through a bunch of forum threads here and elsewhere, but I'm still admittedly confused on what I can do quickly without either breaking the bank or introducing a lot of complexity to get it working.

      1) I have seen cheap several converter boards online (example here: htt but I don't know if this is an effective way of solving my problem.....are the viable solutions?

      2) My Wells Gardner Monitor has a 10-pin connection on the board, so do I need to find a cable/harness designed to use all 10 pins or am I really only using some of the pins on the connection (such as the cables in the example that only seem to be using 5 or 6 pins)? Outside of the cable in the example, I've had a hard time find a dual female ended cable that would bridge between the converter boards and the board on the monitor itself.

      3) When I picked up the monitor, I was also given a used J-Pac so I technically have one to use if that makes any of this setup easier, but it's not currently being used for any other purpose as my buttons are not configured this way. My buttons all leverage a USB interface. Would the J-pac be an easy way to connect just the PC & Monitor or would it require work that would outweigh proceeding down this path?

If you have a recommendation on an easy solution to solve my problem, I'd appreciate any details you could provide (Product examples/links are a bonus). Thanks for your help!

- D


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Re: Help connecting PC to Wells Gardner K7500
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2017, 10:38:51 am »
A pc monitor uses a 31kHz VGA signal and the K7500 needs a 15kHz CGA signal.

If you get a cheap ATI/AMD graphics card, you can use a piece of software called CRT Emudriver which makes it output 15kHz. Your JPAC will help convert the connectors and prevent the wrong signal getting to your CRT. Combine that with GroovyMAME and you got the perfect setup.

Don't go with the cheap converters. They only take 640*480 so all your beautiful arcade perfect resolutions get replaced with interlaced ones that are not accurate.


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