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Power button for retropie

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This is great! Thank you.

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DaOld Man:
I have used the mausberry switch circuit on all my builds so far. It has connections for power and reset buttons, and powers down the RPi after shutdown.
Though it's not real expensive (around 17 US bucks), I would still like to "build my own" shutdown circuit. Im thinking a relay that is held on by a GPIO output until shutdown, then relay turns off power to the RPi, but after all is said and done, the mausberry switch is a lot simpler and easier.

simpler than 1 switch and 1 script?
have you looked at the Solution presented by ETA prime? doesn't need a circuit board... just 1 gpio

DaOld Man:
Yes that does look promising, but does it kill power to the pi after shutdown?

We have a new product for the Raspberry Pi called the Pi-Safe. What it does is provide power for long enough to allow the Pi to shutdown on power off.

Basically you just switch the arcade machine using a Pi off as normal and it uses a rechargeable battery to keep the power on whilst running a script to shut the Pi down. The user doesn't know that is happening they just use an arcade machine with a Pi as if it's a Jamma board.

There is a script for shutdown that anyone is welcome to use. The links to the script and the info are here:


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