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Last remaining CRT monitors from X-Arcade


Received an email from X-Arcade today that they expect to sell out of their remaining stock of CRT monitors shortly.


The CRT featured in our arcade machine is no longer in production and we are down to the last remaining inventory. We should be running out by end of this month, so if you wish to own an authentic CRT monitor, please order immediately! We will shift to an LCD once our remaining stock is depleted. No companies are willing to produce any more CRT arcade monitors. First come, first serve."


My company, Klick Health ( bought one of the last SVGA Makvision displays from X-Arcade ( It wasn't cheap but we're building a 4-player system for our cafe (and a two-player, but that uses a 20" LCD 4:3 Dell).

Now, for my money a good VGA->NTSC adapter will pretty much give me everything I need, but it will be awesome to have this screen for the work arcade :-)


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