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Author Topic: Flicker in Intervideo Dual Frequency (15/25KHz)+EmuDriver+Win7-64bits  (Read 560 times)

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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!
I've a Intervideo Dual Frequency 15/25KHz (22.0525), a J-Pac and a Radeon HD5450 in my arcade cabinet with a JAMMA Interface.
In the PC, I've installed W7-64bits and I've installed Emudriver 2.0 (beta 10), following the Calamity's installation guide (
In VMMaker I've tryed several configurations (Generic/Arcade 15/Dual Frequency)... but flicker is quite annoying in the desktop and in groovymame, especially with super resolutions.
In the desktop, with 640x480@30i the flicker is better.

What can I do?
I attach the driver timings, in case if is possible to configure in vmmaker.
I've tried to adjust the v-sync potentiometer.



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Re: Flicker in Intervideo Dual Frequency (15/25KHz)+EmuDriver+Win7
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2017, 07:47:50 pm »
V-sync in the chassis is vertical hold, nothing to do with flicker.

First of all, GM should be using a progressive mode even with super resolutions, not an interlaced one. At least, it should for games that would natively display that way. Pick something like SF2 or Final Fight, or anything you know is progressive (224p through about 256p) and make sure the info- and nagscreens are on - those being the blue ones that come up at game launch showing the game title, native res, res that switchres has chosen, etc.

What do they say? For Final fight you should see 382x224 as native, and then (probably, if you followed the guide) 2560x240p as the screen res chosen.

If the system is NOT using a progressive mode, next step is to check ArcadeOSD to make sure the 2560x240p mode exists in the system. Test it there to make sure it works. If it's there and working, but GM isn't selecting it, then your GM settings are wrong. For newer versions of GM, IIRC, you just follow the crt_emudriver guide and just dump GM where you want it. By all means go through the GM install guide on Calamity's site (same place as the guide you linked above) but be aware that the stretching options are now different, and that the Resolution line should be set to 2560x0 and the Super Resolutions Trigger (or whatever it's called) should remain at 2560.

If the 2560x240p mode doesn't exist, you didn't follow the crt_emudriver install guide to the end. Start over.

If the mode is there, and GM is using it, and it still flickers, however, there may be something amiss with the monitor. Progressive modes shouldn't flicker. What Jamma interface are you using? J-Pac?

There may be ways to reduce flicker in interlaced modes, and they might help, but I'm a backyarder so anything I suggest is going to be suck-and-see. As for 640x480@30i flickering less - I have no idea. Does the 640x480@60i mode not behave the same?
« Last Edit: April 15, 2017, 08:50:27 am by buttersoft »


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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!
Re: Flicker in Intervideo Dual Frequency (15/25KHz)+EmuDriver+Win7-64bits
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2017, 04:46:42 pm »
Hi buttersoft.

First of all: Sorry for being late in answering.

The problem was that I had mounted a closed system with hyperspin, configured to launch GM directly.
Configured with RocketLauncher it works.
Also, I have used Arcade_15, tweaking the vertical frequency a bit.

Finally I have managed to assemble my system with around my 100 favorite games of the 80's and early 90's
My arcade machine was "original" from 2007 and I managed to revive it. I got it recently with those horrible cartridges "Pandora's box"

Well, at least I've managed to learn a lot about TV signal, modelines...  ;)

Thanks for your time. Someday I hope to help too.



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