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Hi all. I was unable to register on DWJukebox, so have decided to try here. Thanks to Chris for this software :notworthy:

Short version - bought a slot machine (Black Rhino) very cheaply, and gutted it.

Already had a computer running XP. Stripped the buttons out of the slot and cleaned them, replaced the pay/win lines with digits 0-9, Select, Skip, Page forward and Page back. Replaced the original bulbs with 12v car indicator bulbs, and used the 10v power supply from the PC. 2 extra buttons on the side for radio and exit. Connected to a PS3 USB controller (I think).

I am using Metalbox 2 (Thanks to Eric Bateman and Woodlake), which allows for 68 songs onscreen. They are all singles, Now That's What I Call Music 1-20 albums. 17 songs per album. Audio out into a small 2.1 system, which can also be connected to a stereo. And it works great!

My issue is thus: for the life of me, I cannot get album 2 to display after album 1. i.e. 1,2,3,4 etc.

When the albums are on screen, it's 1,10,11,12..19,2,20,3,4,etc. I hope I have made my problem clear, and one of you can tell me how to fix it. Thanks in advance

Seems it is placing them in alphabetical order - can you change the names to 01 - 09 rather than 1 - 9 as that way when placing alphabetical the 0's will be placed together !


Thank you for responding.

And thanks - your solution is exactly what I needed. I had tried everything except my ID3 tags!

Much appreciated.


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