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REVIEW: Ultimarc - U-Trak and ServoStick powered 4 - 8 way switcher


Hi all.  I have been working on my arcade system for the better part of a year.  I actually contacted Andy with Ultimarc several months ago for information on the powered 4 - 8 way switcher module and its dimensions as I wanted to retro-fit it to my Sanwa-JLF sticks.  Andy responded right away with the information that I needed so I could decide on a direction to proceed.  In fact all of my communications with Ultimarc have been returned in less than a day.  Given their geographical location to me that was much appreciated.

I purchased the U Trak trackball from them and the 4 - 8 way switcher for ServoStik with the USB controller module to adapt to my Sanwa JLF setup.  To my surprise even though the package came from England I received the order in just a few days at their regular shipping rate.

The U-Trak has a very clean finish on the exposed surfaces and rolls very nicely.  It feels very solid and is responsive.   I wasn't 100% what to expect with regard to an LED or not but by default it is not included.  No matter, I have several LED's from my button controller purchase left over so I just used one of those to make it light. The first game I tried was Missile Command, something from my childhood and had a blast!  The U-Trak put me right back to the days of being in the arcade again!

The 4 - 8 way switchers required some modification to the plastic ring that mounts to the servo.  I had already modified the JLF restrictor plate with a Dremel to allow smooth movement of the 4 - 8 way plastic adjuster.  Now the adjustment works by simple rotation without having to lift it up first, thus allowing the servo motor and control arm to turn it.

Once all my modifications to the JLF and control arm were done I mounted everything and find the movement is smooth and fast from 4 to 8 way.  It all works without any difficulty.  I don't know if the JLF restrictor needs more throw than a servostik as the arms movement gets me about 97% to the actual end of travel in each direction but it works just fine in any case.  I am using them with the USB software controllable board and it all works as advertised and as I need it to despite not actually being for these joysticks.

Superior products and excellent customer service make this a company I would easily do business with again!  Thanks Andy / Ultimarc!

Hello Flyer

I would be really interested to see your JLF retrofit with the Servostik switcher but the pictures you have posted dont shows anymore.



Thank you for the pictures repost, really appreciated.



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