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Author Topic: epsxe NeGcon and steering wheel problems with setup/configuration  (Read 1031 times)

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I read the post from Nov. 2014 regarding getting Gran Turismo 2 (and a bunch of other games) working in ePsxe for the PSX system with a steering wheel controller by using a plug-in called NeGcon. 

I was excited to find so many games that have good steering wheel compatibility, so I decided to set it up for myself.

I'm using version 2.05 of ePsxe.  I looked all over for the NeGcon plug-in and found only one site whose link still worked but the plugin is from 2003.

When I use that plugin, though, the picture of the controls looks absolutely nothing like the one in the guide on this forum.  In fact, it makes no sense at all and I can't find any other reference to it.  I just can't figure out how to map the buttons and what goes where and don't even know if it would work anyway.

So I decided it was back to the drawing board.  In ePsxe 2.05 (using the regular plugin it comes with for controllers) there is a drop down box with several controllers, and sure enough, the Namco Negcon is actually on this list.

When I select this controller from the drop down box, the picture of the controller and the configuration screen that pops up matches the one in the guide perfectly.

So I thought I was on to something...

Here's what happens, though.  I can configure the buttons in the plugin with no problems.  I can exit the emulator and go right back into the emulator (WITHOUT loading a game in between) and the settings are still there and the Negcon controller is still selected as my controller.

But... When I load a game, the wheel's pedals and steering do not respond.  Only the buttons work.  I've tried pressing F5 repeatedly and the little window stating I'm using analog controls never pops up, either.

When I then exit the game and load the emulator by itself again, I'm surprised to find it has changed the controller type on its own to a DualShock controller!

Then when I manually select the Negcon controller from the list again, all the settings/bindings are gone.

I can reset the bindings again, but the same thing happens over and over in a loop.

I'm at a loss.

I'm guessing they started including the Negcon plug-in starting with some version of ePsxe after the guide was written and that's why a download is no longer needed, but this is just a guess.

If I'm wrong on that, though, and if I should be using a downloaded plugin, I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could point me to a working link.

I've exhausted all resources and just cannot figure this one out.

I'd really appreciate some assistance in getting my G920 wheel working with ePsxe.




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Re: epsxe NeGcon and steering wheel problems with setup/configuration
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2017, 11:05:07 am »
Sorry I can't help with ePSXe, however I did setup a wheel to work with the NegCON plugin on the pcsxr emulator. Setup is very straight forward once you've popped the plugin in the right directory.

I got varying results in terms of how good it works. In some games (Colin McRae Rally 2) it work great without too much fuss. However, I found even by tweaking the deadzone (which didn't seem to have as big an impact as I thought) I never got Gran Turismo 2 or the Ridge Racer series feeling perfect. I found I tank slapped a lot (e.g. over corrected counter steering). I assume this is the nature of a small deadzone on the NegCON controller compared to steering wheel accessories.

The other thing you can do with the NegCON is use the in-game calibration by increasing the angle upto as much as 90deg. This might get around the over sensitivity. However, you would need to re-set this every time you boot which kinda took away from the turn onand play nature I was after on my cab. I suppose loading save states may get around this once you've found the right balance.

I would be very interested how you get along. If ePSXe gives better results I will switch over.


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