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Author Topic: GroovyMAME on Linux questions  (Read 941 times)

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GroovyMAME on Linux questions
« on: February 03, 2017, 06:04:26 am »
Sorry for making a new thread but I'm not quite sure where to ask these questions.  Feel free to move it to a more appropriate thread if it exists.

Does anyone know of a good GroovyMAME + Linux + CRT configuration guide?  Most of the guides I've seen are either very basic, or refer to the Windows version.  I tried the GroovyArcade LiveCD but apparently it doesn't support my card so the image isn't stable.  So after much trial and error, I managed to get it working with my Ubuntu 16.04 + Geforce 210 + PVM 20M4E + Patched Nouveau drivers combination.  I'm running the setup in Zaphodheads mode (HDMI main screen, PVM via VGA to BNC breakout cable)

I followed the instructions in this package: (The documentation is missing info in some areas)

My questions now revolve around next steps regarding GroovyMAME and Monitor configuration.  Most guides I see refer to using tools such as VMMaker and Arcade OSD but from what I can tell these tools don't exist on Linux?  How can I determine the correct settings for the monitor?

For the per-game configuration, should the ini files go under ~/.mame/ini?  How can I tell if it's using the settings correctly?

Which settings should I use for the "videodriver", "renderdriver" and "audiodriver"?  Does DirectFB provide any performance benefit?  Will changing these settings affect the frame_delay option? (And regarding frame_delay, I surely must be doing something wrong because I don't see any performance difference regardless of the setting)

I am using GroovyMAME 0.179 with the high score patch and Nouveau 1.0.12.
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Re: GroovyMAME on Linux questions
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2017, 08:45:10 am »
Hi ,

You could be the first to try a write-up i made on how to install groovymame 0.183 on ubuntu 16.10 from scratch
here is the link:

it contains most steps i took starting from ubuntu's mini.iso install up to beaming the arcades to my screen

It does not contain the VGA to RGB-S i used (made it myself using a schematic i found somewhere on the net, if you are interested i am sure i can dig it up for you)

If you find it useful or think you could add some other improvements to the document, by all means i am open to suggestions.


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