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Does the Ultrastik 360 work with a Pi?

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Newbie alert.

I'm in the planning stages of a Pi Powered 2 player bartop and looking at control options. I want to use leaf controls to keep the noise to a minimum and like the idea of the ultrastik 360 for the auto switching. Question is though, does this work correctly with Retropie?

It works great out of the box, and the button harness works great too. HOWEVER, it's a bit of a pain to set up auto-switching. There is some software out there that will do it on linux, but I've yet to get it to work automatically when running  out of attract mode. Though it works in a straight up command-line operation, when run from a front end, I'm having no luck yet. I believe the software is called ultrastikcmd. If you have any problem getting it, or getting it installed, I can give you links. When using the info I have saved, it's pretty simple to install via command-line on the pi. 

That said, I'm personally working on auto-switching from time to time. It's a key component of my future plans, so sooner or later it will be done. If I have to, I'll write my own utility in python. It would probably end up being easier than messing around with ultrastikcmd... sigh.

In the short run though, I think your success with the auto-switching will be hit or miss.

Hmmm thats annoying as the auto switching is a main draw.

So in terms of wiring up buttons etc, do you just do it to the sticks and bypass using the GPIO connectors?

If so then i guess that is a good reason to still consider them.

I'm not a huge fan of the GPIO when a joystick or keyboard encoder works so well, and the joystick encoders are really cheap these days ($11 or so) And the Ultrastik comes with enough to wire up like... 8 buttons I think. Something like that. More than enough for my simple setups.

But yeah, the dynamic thing is a bit annoying. But I'll get it figured out yet. The hardest part is that I can't find a good way to get an error log related to failures with the process so that's made it difficult to sort out the problems. I think I'm almost there. It's getting more traction with other devs now too, so I'm optimistic.

Well as long as its activitly being worked on thats great. Hopefully if i do go down that route i can contribute in some way.


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