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RatRefresh 0.1 - Automated EDID updater for MAME and others


I've put up a small tool that might aid LCD users to prevent tearing when gaming. We all know CRU can update your EDID settings, but that does not have command-line support. That makes it quite inconvenient to change your refresh rates for every single game you play (especially on MAME).
I have created RatRefresh to help with that. It's a simple tool that allows you to update EDID settings from commandline. What can it do?

* Quickly switch to a specific refresh rate from command-line
* Automatically switch to the correct refresh rate for any MAME game
* Allows you to enter refresh rates for any emu / game / application
So this might be ideal for your LCD-powered MAME-cab! Check it out here.

[Fixed link. -- Scott]


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