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Question on Cover Art in DWJukebox?

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I am working on a wall mount touchscreen Juke, and I have everything mostly working. BUT I have a problem getting cover art to Show up.
I am using the CD7 skin, Win XP install.

The issue I have is all of my MP3's have embedded cover art. (the art is IN the MP3)
I can not figure out how to get DWJukebox to look at the MP3 for the art file.

What am I doing wrong???   

DWJukebox doesn't work like that. You need to create a folder for each album, then put an image in that folder so that it reads it. Yes, it's not super convenient, but it IS an old program.

Well, That makes sense.  What program do you suggest to do that?

I am not fluent in MP3 conversions ect...  I have 1 folder with ALL of my songs in it.

iTunes and WMP read the library and automatically group the songs into there proper albums. 

I do it by hand, but I love DWJukebox so I don't see it as being cumbersome. I do a folder by artist, then by album, then use Google to find the image. Granted, I don't use much cover art - I generally use neonbox as my skin, which looks more like a traditional jukebox - titles only, no cover art.

AAAHh Yes. I am going for a more CD style layout.
But I made a lot more work for myself than I needed. If I just stopped and LOOKED at things.. iTunes already separates Music by Album Artist ect...   All I needed to do was convert my existing library to mp3 (Again done in iTunes) Then copy the library to my Juke folder. Once there I just looked for the art in that folder with a program called Album Art Downloader. I now have about 98% of the art files (Not Embedded in the MP3's)

I like the CD7 skin, although with a Large Library a search function with onscreen keyboard would be a nice touch. LOL it took me 10 Min just to "scroll" to the end of the list. :)


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