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--- Quote from: Fursphere on February 20, 2024, 08:32:45 am ---
--- Quote from: Ond on February 18, 2024, 07:48:10 pm ---Even on superfine mode filament printers are still coarse to my eye. But this print will be refined quite a bit for a project.

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Use a smaller nozzle, like a 0.25mm.   However, this makes print times increase dramatically on larger parts.  You can get down to 0.07mm layer heights, which is almost resin-like quality.

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Thanks, yeah that print was done with a standard 0.4mm nozzle which is what our shop demos run. We have resin printers on display but work health safety rules mean they don't actually get to print anything.

--- Quote from: BadMouth on February 20, 2024, 08:11:24 pm ---

3D printing is an endless progression of "could be better" and diminishing returns.

...and there are limits to how good an fdm print can look.

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Ha hah, well filament printers have their uses I guess. By the time I'm finished with that print you wont think it came from one.

honestly, i don't really care what it looks like, as long as the part the comes out of the printer is functional.

i mean, yeah i print out decorative items once in a while, but for the most part i'm printing replacement parts for something broke, or a part to achieve a function. if it does that function, it's good enough for me.

my first layers could be better, my attention to preventing warping could be better, my corners could be square-er, my elephant's foot is very slight, but i trim the edges anyway... i occasionally get under extrusion on my outer layers...but also really, why waste the time and effort and filament testing out 2000 different fixes for stuff when it's "good enough" for what i need.

as long as my 3d print can hold up the rod, or hold the circuit board, or skim the scum, or drain the water... good 'nuf!

picrel... new output board adapter endplate for an amplifier. one that no one will ever see but me when i plug the stuff into it and then basically never again until it breaks... if it's ugly...who cares... if it's half ass structurally sound and it's holding the board...  :cheers:

It is possible to make pretty parts with FDM, but it involves printing with the loathsome ABS and finishing with chemical vapor.  I experimented with this a bit.  It's a fair amount of work and really only good for one-off "artistic" works, and that which does not involve fine details.  IMHO, resin printers are a better choice for pretty things, so long as they need not be too tough.

But for relatively strong and functional parts, it's hard to beat FDM.  I would venture a guess that today there are millions of little 3D-printed pieces of plastic in the world, doing jobs that otherwise would have been impossible for the amount they cost to produce.

Like I said, FDM printers have their uses.. We get some customers coming in that print simple functional parts for things and the only thing they care about is "how fast can the new model print". Those same customers are only printing in the toughest plastics as well.  A few of the guys in the shop have their own resin printers so I get them to print me the occasional "pretty" things when needed.

I just wanted to be able to understand the end-to-end process of design to print stages in 3D printing, at least enough to speak convincingly to customers anyway.  Finishing techniques for printed things like Randy mentioned interest me. Not just to smooth prints but paint them as well. Anyone got any examples of painted stuff that looks slick? For example, I see really nice resin printed figures but I never see any painted or detailed?

had a watermain break in the basement last month.
Happy New Year.
printers survived but i had to fit a basements worth of crap into 3/4ths of the basement to make room for contractors.
all fixed.
cost more than i could of ever imagined.

so no printing for a while until i throw stuff out and make a real shop.
not going back to an old bench with a yoga mat on it and a cheap table top green house as an enclosure.

going to build more shelves and throw more stuff out so it looks less like a storage locker with a path and more like a shop.


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