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--- Quote from: BadMouth on September 29, 2022, 04:55:00 pm ---That would be a good candidate for printing in ABS and acetone smoothing.  It would look even more original.
EDIT: Andy shiny!

--- End quote ---

5% octo infill, twice as many walls, heat lamp over the printer.
wait, doesn't he have an enclosure?

so fallout helmet is just too ginormous for my kid.
he looks like a bobble head.
so I measured his head and measured the helmet i printed and i'm scaling down to 90% and reprinting.

got most of the helmet printed and glued (badly) at the smaller size and we have a winner.
i'm just bad at gluing but i think i can fix that spot with some epoxy filler and liquid steel putty.
I just could not get those sides in the middle to touch no matter how hard i pushed.
this was done in PET-G with a .4mm nozzle at .28 layer height to shave a few hrs off print time.

not exactly cos-play quality.
but he got a lot of compliments at school and the bad resin fill job doesn't show up as much in person.


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