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I messed around with power output with not much variance.  I got pretty honed in on the layer it was happening and there was a distinct "thud" sound every time.

Disconnected one of the Y motors and it prints fine with no layer shift.

Next step is to put it on a separate driver and limit switch, which was the eventual plan anyway.


--- Quote from: RandyT on June 09, 2022, 03:04:20 pm ---Believe it or not, that makes resonance even more likely the culprit.  Even though it is done often on the Z-axis, it's considered bad practice to connect two motors to a single driver.  With small and seldom moves it can be gotten away with, but when the motors resonate they can fight each other as they will not be resonating in sync with one another.

Or it could be a power issue :)  Either way, giving each motor it's own driver would be a good step to take.

--- End quote ---

Putting them on separate drivers seems to have done the trick.   :cheers:
Motors seem a lot noisier.  I'll turn the voltages back down.


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