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"Fighter Pilots Needed In Sector Wars... Play Astro Blaster Restoration"

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--- Quote from: Mike A on November 25, 2016, 05:09:32 pm ---Do you know which version your cab is?

From KLOV:
There are a couple of versions of this game in existence. The original ROM version had a different attract screen that did not contain any instructions. The waves were longer and the player was given the option of "buying-in" an extra number of ships, although the player was not allowed to buy extra fuel -- the main difficulty of the game.
This early release of Astro Blaster was practically impossible to play because it was so difficult. The game was later modified to include instructions in the attract mode and the waves were shortened to reduce the overall difficulty. Even this later version is very challenging to the casual player and many seasoned players cannot even clear four out of the eight levels. To help players progress further, there exists a ROM hack that slows down fuel consumption and laser overheating.

I guess I will have to try all of them. :applaud:

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How close do you live to Phoenix, AZ, bro? You should come hang out with us at ZapCon in April.

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Oh Yot, if you only knew what this invitation to MikeA would lead to…..

Astro Blaster is making its triumphant debut at ZapCon next week!

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