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USB DB9 Joystick adapter



Hey Guys! This is it.

I just received a new batch of USB Joystick adapters, PCB version 3.0.
This new version is supporting virtually any DB9 joystick ever made!
Just use the flash utility to reprogram as desired.

Here is the compatibility list:

* Atari 2600 Joystick
* Atari 7800 Joystick (2 buttons)
* Atari analog Paddle (2 players)
* Atari driving controller
* Atari video touch pad Keyboard
* Amstrad Joystick (3 buttons)
* Amiga Joystick
* Amiga Mouse / Trackball (2 and 3 buttons)
* Atari ST Mouse / Trackball (2 buttons)
* Commodore 64 Joystick
* Commodore CD32 Joypad (7 buttons)
* Intellivision Touch pad (16 direction disc and 15 buttons)
* Intellivision Flashback Touch pad (16 direction disc and 15 buttons)
* ColecoVision Touch pad and Super Action Controller (16 buttons + spinner)
* Coleco Gemini Joystick & Paddle (Hybrid controller, also compatible with Sears console)
* MSX Joystick (2 buttons)
* Sega Genesis Joypad (3 and 6 buttons)
* Sega Master System Joypad
* Sega Multi-Tap Adapter (4 players)
* 3DO (Panasonic) Joypad
* TI99/4/4a Joystick
* FM Towns/Marty Joypad
* Famiclone (NES clone) Joypad
* Odyssey2 controller
* Fairchild channel F controller
* Bally/Astrocade controller
* RedOctane Dance pads (6 buttons DB9 version)
* ZX Spectrum Interface 2 Joysticks
Specs and software can be downloaded here:

This new hardware version was designed with compatibility in mind. Every pin is reconfigurable so new firmware can be built to support much more devices.
Design will stay open source so anybody out there can contribute to this quest for retro gaming pleasure!

Cheers!  :cheers:



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