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Bally Evel Knievel Home Model

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Ken Layton:
Here's a good start to repairing your machine:

Just got an EK home version. Working our a few issues but am looking for some possible advice.
The upper playfield lights are not working at all. Tried replacing the bulbs but that didn't work.
Everything else has fixed so far except for those lights.

I'm pretty new at this so any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


I recently just acquired this exact same machine from someone throwing it out. The right flippers donít really move and the back, while entirely intact, has been broken off of the main body. Looks like it could be reassembled. I did plug in briefly and some lights came in but definitely not fully functional so I unplugged immediately. I donít have the time or knowledge to put in to fixing. If anyone would be interested in acquiring let me know. Can provide any photos or other information. Located in suburbs of chicago. Thanks!


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