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This thing popped up on CL and I had no idea there was an Evel Knievel home model, but the one thing I was really intrigued by was the double flippers on one side. Did some searches and only saw the pictures on klov and ipdb. Made contact with seller who ended up being really cool and in the music biz, we knew common people but our paths have never crossed til now. He ended up giving me a sweet deal.

Got it home and set it on some horses in the living room and started with checking all voltages. Was getting proper readings and it wasn't until I got the mpu on my bench for an inspection and it looked like Harambe tried doing some work on the main cpu.

I wish I had taken some before pics. The whole chip was on an angle with all legs bent and 2 broken off with a massive amount of solder globed on both. The above pic shows after. I was able to straighten and clean the legs along with doing quick repairs on the 2 broken ones (I am not the one that melted the socket like that).

Pooped the mpu in the game, board boots and BOOM! ball ejects out. Play a quick game and quickly identify all the play field issues and pick up a bunch of needed parts.

Started with getting flippers rebuilt with new coil sleeves, end of strokes, flipper leafs, rubbers and setting them at the proper angle.

Rebuilt the power supply with all new caps, voltage regs and some diodes. Had the larger caps on hand and put them to use, yeah not the same package as the originals, but meh it's a damn cap. The 2 10,000uf's are installed in parallel to achieve the stock value of 20,000uf for that position.

I knew there was a bad transistor on the mpu since one of the pop bumpers had the wires pulled from the coil and the same pop was completely seized. Just look at what that poor coil and sleeve went through above.

Both pop bumpers rebuilt with new coils, sleeves, rod & rings and skirts. Interesting to see that in the 2nd series of the home models that bally went with spoon leafs and wisely ditched trying to use micro switches on the pops.

The speaker that comes with these is literally like a 16oz solo cup with a 1 1/2" little speaker riveted to it. I've replaced the last 3 home models I've worked on with a standard 6" speaker that sounds much better.

Here is the way the back box comes stock. As I had it apart and was cleaning the glass I saw that the small motorcycle above the buses was screened to be back lit and had got an idea.

I picked up a led chase kit at Fry's for 4 bucks and came up with a 6 led strip using some 1/16" black hdpe to put behind the buses.

I moved the original light that was behind the buses up to where the little motorcycle is and added a new light behind his left arm.

The above video clip shows the added led chase circuit.

The spinners had the same POW! graphics that fireball used and I had to order up the proper spinner decals.

Also installed some transparent blue lane guides that look way better than the red ones did. This pic also shows the added GI bulbs I added under each of the corner plastics.

So, now I needed to find some room for this pin, plus it was time to finally make some changes in a room that has been an evolving catch all.

Step 1: flooring, called up a buddy in the carpet biz and he hooked me up with a quantity of 50 Armstrong padded commercial carpet tiles for $1 a tile.

Step 2: painstakingly removing the damn border properly so the room could be painted right.

step 3: Relocating my workbench to the closet that had been filled with sh!t. Like I said the room was a catch all for years, dragged my big ass garbage can right to the backdoor and purged old pc's, junk x-mas gifts and other crap.

Room painted and Evel moved in.

Couldn't find any vids of this table. Good ole chopper is there for ya.

These two compliment each other nicely, the double flippers completely changes your focus and is a neat game changer.

Here's an odd looking panoramic to give ya a good look at the paint, carpet and game lineup. These home models are really cool pieces that don't get the respect they deserve.

good day.

Le Chuck:
Room looks great bud!  Love you collection, awesome post as per the usual.

great work as always!

Excellent post.  This forum needs many more like it.

Amen. Chopper has some great stuff.

Less Pis, more restores.


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