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An early Happy Birthday to Ridge Racer 7 and why I'm so HAPPY right now!!!

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Ok no problem.

It was lemmingDev that said: "Your PS3 needs to have WebMan disabled".

I've got it working! Thanks for all the info shared here.

I've coded an adapter using a pico. The game detects the wheel and works as expected.
Using the 3d license version of the game and running webman. Looks like webman does not cause any problem with it.

FFB in the game is not great.
I still need to do a more serious gaming session to see if it plays better with a wheel than a dualshock.

Awesome dude! Glad to hear you got it werggin'  :cheers:

Yeah FFB isn't the greatest, but it's FAAAR better than just using the wheel with no ffb and just the dead feeling lol.

Sonik, why don't you join us over at the Ridge Racer sub-channel in the TimeXtend discord? Lots of great RR discussion over there!


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