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An early Happy Birthday to Ridge Racer 7 and why I'm so HAPPY right now!!!

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Right now I am a very Happy man!

I'd first like to give an early Happy Birthday to Ridge Racer 7. RR7 turns 10 next month(November 11th). 10 years since the launch of the PS3 and 10 years since this beautiful game came out.

You have to keep in mind one thing.....this is a game that I have been wanting to play with a good steering wheel, since it's launch ten years ago. This is the very first PS3 racing game to come out, and Namco did a very clever thing..... They snuck force feedback support into the game BEFORE it was supposed to be supported for the PS3!

Remember the whole Immersion/FFB patents controversy, prohibiting developers from implementing any kind of FFB or even rumble into their games for a while? Well, Namco said ---fudgesicle--- that ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---...we're gonna put FFB in in-spite of the whole Immersion/FFB controversy! They did just that, with once only officially works with one wheel.....the Logitech Driving Force Ex(Fx in Japan)!

That's right folks....if you try to use a Logitech DFP, DFGT, G25, G27 or any other Logitech FFB wheel with Ridge Racer 7, you're ---fouled up beyond all recognition---. The game supports only that wheel.

Thankfully, as we approach the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite racing games ever, a breakthrough has come through....something that we've truly been blessed with: An adapter that now allows you to use not just Logitech, but **ANY** PC FFB wheel on your PS3 and PS4 with ZERO lag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's called GIMX and yes I know there's already a thread on it, but I'm testing a new prototype beta that now incorporates this feature!

I'll start by saying that I only own a PS3, not a PS4. It took me a while to get it working because there were a few hurdles/bugs Matlo and I had to squash first. But a couple days ago it finally worked and well, it is nothing short of GLORIOUS and there is no...and I mean....ZERO lag!!!!

Matlo still has more work to do and bugs to squash, and it's still in beta phase, but make no mistake gentlemen....this is a HUGE Breakthrough!!! As an owner of a Leo Bodnar wheel, HPP PRX Pedals, and a Fanatec CSS Shifter,  I am absolutely elated that I can now use these devices on my PS3 as *ONE* "fake" Logitech G27 wheel.  To be able to play Ridge Racer 7, a game I've been DREAMING of playing with a high quality industrial FFB wheel for over 10 YEARS since the launch of the game in 2006, is a dream come true. To be able to play GT5 and GT6 with a Bodnar wheel, which delivers fantastic and lag-less FFB, is a marvel to behold!


now works with this....

Just teary eyed and very very happy right now. Matlo is the real deal guys!

Oh and one more thing I'd like to mention....for those of you who do not want to go through the hassle of building your own GIMX adapter, go the GIMX website, and you'll see that Matlo explains how you can buy an improved adapter that is ALREADY assembled and is called the TIAO GBoard. I just bought two of them today because unfortunately the one that Matlo sent me broke a few hours ago(I accidentally tugged too hard on it and the USB Mini B connector got ripped away from the circuit board) so I will be GIMX-less over the next 72hrs but when the new board comes it's back to the races!!!

Pretty cool!

For the benefit of other people trying to get this to work

GIMX is able to help you get Ridge Racer 7 working with force feedback on PS3 with another wheel
I just happened to use a Logitech G29

A few things to note:

1. GIMX firmware needs to be EMUDF.hex <-- Driving Force PS2
2. Your PS3 needs to have WebMan disabled
3. The game can't be the platinum version
   - BLUS30001-[Ridge Racer 7] works
   - BCES00009 - [Ridge Racer 7 Platinum Edition] does not work
4. The controller settings under options won't mention the wheel, but it works well

Thanks to isamu for helping out


I saw your reply on the GIMX forum. Glad you got it working brother!  :cheers:

Yeah it can be a bit of a guessing game getting everything set up and working properly but for a legendary game like RR7 it's MORE than worth it in my opinion. RR7, as old as it may be, is still a masterpiece. And I'm glad to see people out there like you who are still interested in playing the game all these years later.

I'm gonna try and dust off and connect my PS3 soon so hopefully I won't have any issues.

RR7 is such a great game, incredible that it was 1080p 60fps for a PS3 launch title. I haven't played it in ages, I could do with giving it a try right from the start all over again. Absolutely amazing soundtrack too. I wish Sony would make the recent PlayStation Plus Premium version of Ridge Racer 2 on the PS4 and PS5 a standalone download. Sucks you can only play it if you subscribe to the higher tier Premium service  :angry:


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