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2100 in 1 - Isolation Transformers?

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Greetings, My first post
I just built (or finishing) my 2nd Cab
I have built a 4 player cab and I am using the 2100 in 1 Games Family PCB
It has a link to use players 3 & 4.  I assume i just hook another Jamma harness to the "linking unit" chip board and wire player 3 and 4 in addition to the +5, +12, and Ground power cords.
I read on some forum that an isolation transformer should be used.  I have one on my 1st cab but set this one up without one.
If I am using a LED Monitor are Isolation Transformers needed?
Also anyone hook up one of these 4 player Games Family units before?
Do I need 2 differnt Power supplies (1 for player 1 and 2 and 1 for player 3,4) (in addition to the ATX running the CPU)
It works fine as 2 player trying to get the 3 and 4 up.

Isolation transformer has nothing to do with the PCB you are running. Its required to isolate the voltages for the monitor. Some monitors need them , some don't. LCD monitors do not.

Can't answer the player 3 and 4 question, I dont use low quality bootleg PCBs (cept the 1 time my friend wanted one in his bartop)

From the description :

--- Quote --- It can support up to 4 players via a remote 3/4P Interfacing card (which connects into another JAMMA cabinet so TWO cabinets are LINKED TOGETHER!).

You will need an extra ATX power supply for this PCB (not inclued).
--- End quote ---

ANd from another site selling them :

--- Quote ---It can Support up to 4 Players via 4 player Connection Cable, which are able to link up together with TWO Cabinet.
--- End quote ---

SO if I'm reading it correctly it can not be used for a single arcade setup but is designed to play players 3 and 4 on a separate cabinet (like the Nintendo VS. 4 player) where the display is mirrored and players 1 and 2 play on one setup and players 3 and 4 ply on a separate setup. So it needs a second Jamma connection to wire players 3 and 4 - not sure how it connects them but evidently it includes an interface card that probably runs from the second Jamma connector to the first ( ie. players 3 and 4 buttons are connected to a second jamma connector which then connects to the adapter that connects to the 2100 in 1 PCB.   :dunno

From this pic :
Removed Pic per rule 5 - Since it had watermark listing website selling it !

You can see the second jamma connector on the adapter PCB - so looks like players 3 and 4 are wired    into that Jamma Connector and then the adapter hooks to the 2100 in 1 PCB with the 2 wires running from the adapter back to the 2100 in 1

OP PM'd that his system is up and running now despite the crappy documentation on these  :censored:  things.

He confirmed that to rig a single XXXX-in-1 for 4-player operation:

  * The computer board is powered by an ATX power supply 20 pin.

  * The main JAMMA board connector (P1/P2) gets wired exactly like a normal JAMMA harness with +5v/12v/Gnd from an arcade power supply.

  * The P3/P4 daughterboard connects to a JAMMA harness (P3/P4 controls wired same as P1/P2 controls) and with +5v/12v/Gnd power from the arcade power supply. (One supply powers both the main JAMMA board and the daughterboard)

Connecting power to the P3/P4 JAMMA isn't in the documentation, but is mentioned in one vendor's video.

Sorry, but no link to the video because of Rule 5. (The account is named after the vendor)


u know I looked up the cdn price of them things
and thought lord u are 90% into a mame machine. why bother with it ?



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